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The Australian Churches Directory

A Churches Directory is a free directory of Australian Christian Church websites.

Helping People Find Church, Find Community, Find God.

Top 10 Recently Added Church of Christ Churches

Top 10 newest Church of Christ Church websites in Australia

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Here is a directory summary of the newest 10 Church websites recently submitted to the Christian Church websites directory.

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  1. Pentecostal Church of Christ
    Myamyn, Victoria, Australia

    A friendly Bible believing Church
  2. Highfields Church of Christ
    Highfields, Queensland, Australia

    Affiliated with Churches of Christ in Queensland, Australia, and our vision is to connect with people in our region and world, to build passionate followers of Jesus.
  3. Brighton Church of Christ
    Brighton, Victoria, Australia

    We are a praying, dynamic, loving Christian community, rebuilding the divine relationship between God, believers, the lost, and the Brighton community.
  4. Your Church - Church of Christ
    Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia

    Join our family-friendly services with an awesome kids program every Sunday from 10am! With a brand new Children's Ministry Centre and playground, the kids will love it! Transformation + Community + Mission.
  5. Doncaster Church of Christ
    Doncaster, Victoria, Australia

    Our Mission is to gather and grow passionate followers of Jesus, empowered to go into the world.
  6. Chatswood Church of Christ
    Chatswood, NSW, Australia

    A growing Christ-centred church of all ages and nationalities
  7. Red Cliffs Church of Christ
    Red Cliffs, Victoria, Australia

    A small and friendly church.
  8. North Turramurra Church of Christ
    North Turramurra, NSW, Australia

    We desire to be a relevant, growing, healthy, connecting, evangelical faith community. As a result, we have a number of church services and events that enable people to connect, care and commit.
  9. Northwestern Community Church (Church of Christ)
    Queenstown, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

    A people who know God's love and grace towards us in Jesus Christ. (A Church of Christ)
  10. Ringwood Church of Christ
    Ringwood, Melbourne, Australia

    A fellowship that is alive, positive and experiencing many good things in God.

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