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The Australian Churches Directory

A Churches Directory is a free directory of Australian Christian Church websites.

Helping People Find Church, Find Community, Find God.

Church Web Hosting in Australia

The best church web hosting choice.

Having your Church website hosted [or listed] on the A Churches Directory will aid it in the following ways.

1. Memorable address

Anyone who visits your site will be able to return easily since the domain name is short and locgical. A sub-domain or folder can be chosen that reflects your church and its name or location. Having a good location name will aid your church in getting the visiters and publicity that you desire. People will return since they will find it much easier to remember the address of your site.

We believe that it is very important that you can be found and also remembered.

2. Easy Email

Another great reason to join the A Churches Directory is that the email address's are much more suitable and will stay constant. Even more into the future, people will expect to be able to communicate with your church via email. By having a site in this Directory you are entitled to email address/s that won't change even if the personel changes. There should never be a bounced message again.

3. Findability

It is a fact that most people find and then go to websites via a search engine. If you want people to visit your site, and therefore your church, you need to be ranked in the top few responses in any of the major engines.

Getting the highest listing/ranking is achieved by having a suitable domain name and a frequent reccurence of the search term. Obviously if someone is searching for "church", then the A Churches Directory will come in very very well placed.

To ensure that this stays the case, all sites will be regularly re-submitted to major suitable search engines which will include the Christian search engines. We can also provide assistance to ensure that your site is search engine friendly.

4. Budget Friendly

Many great ideas and projects a hindered by the lack of finances. Cheaper hosting by sharing the cost among the members is what the A Churches Directory aims to do. Our estimates suggest that the members are now only spending 25% of what it would normally cost to have a good website live on the internet in a good location. This saving of 75% can be used to fund other ministries in the life of the church. We have pricing and plans that accomodate every budget.

5. No Advertisements

If people want to buy a product then they would visit a store. Churches are not really stores and a church wants their visitors to stay. It will not in the present or forseeable future be necessary for any member-site to display banner advertisements. The A Churches Directory is funded by its participants so there is no obligation for banner displays.

We understand that such ads that different agencies provide can at times be inappropriate, are usually annoying and tend to slow the page loading speeds.

Each site is permitted to obtain and display ads of a suitable nature since it can also be a way to provide income, links and more site hits.

We would like to think that members might choose to display a small graphic/text that promotes the A Churches Directory.

6. Design Templates

Coming up with a suitable site structure and design can be quite burdensome. Unfortunately it isn't always that simply to get a useful and not too difficult to maitain site. Members can take the option to use one of the many site design templates created specifically for Churches [or are free to use their own creations].

Coming up with an effective site is not always easy, so using a template will be a good option for many chruches.

7. Hassle Free

Maintaining the technical side of a website can be at times troublesome. The technicians employed by the A Churches Directory will ensure that the member sites have the maximum up-time and will fix any technical problems if they arise. We can care for the domain registrations etc. so that the churches only need to work on keeping the content of their sites fresh.

8. Support & Advice

It is also comforting to know that help is just around the corner. If something does seem to be wrong we can be contacted easily. If you have a question or concern then please don't hesitate to ask.

If your query is regarding advice about the Internet and help on design and site structure then we would be more than happy to help. Simply email us.

These are just a few of the main reasons why your church should join this A Churches Directory. So go ahead and JOIN NOW or read the pricing and plans available.

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